An Israeli Anime and Manga convention

The convention is about Japanese animation and comics (Anime and Manga), Japanese pop culture and gaming (Japanese consoles and tabletop games).
The convention came to be as a response to the fans of anime and manga in Israel, to provide attractions and interactions for the community during the summer.

In this convention you can find a variety of activities aimed at enthusiasts of the subject and provide an engaging and unique experience, such as lectures, workshops, panels, independent & commercial stands, a cosplay contest, a singing contest and many more activities.


Want to enjoy lectures about your favorite series? What about a social gathering with other enthusiasts of manga and anime in Israel? Enjoy the various cosplay events or the stands fair? CAMI 2019 invites you to solve all of the mysteries and more, in the halls of the convention! From workshops and activities, to special events in the spirit of Japan, anime and manga.

The events of the convention spread across a wide range of intellectual experiences, movie screenings and even original productions from the community.

We’re waiting to see you on the big day!

At the Convention you can find a variety of commercial stands and independent stands of the finest creative artists from the community. At these stands you can purchase posters, original creations, figures, manga, games and more.