Israeli Manga and Anime Convention

The convention is dedicated to Japanese animation and comics (anime and manga), Japanese pop-culture and gaming (Japanese video game consoles and board games). The convention aims to provide an attraction and interaction to the anime and manga community during summertime.

At the convention you’ll be able to find a variety of activities for anime and manga enthusiasts, which provide a fun and unique experience, such as:
Lectures, workshops, panels, independent artists’ and commercial stands, movie screenings, cosplay contest and more.


As in each year, the convention will take place at ICC (International Convention Center) Jerusalem.

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At the convention you’ll be able to find a variety of commercial stands, as well as independent stands of the community’s finest creative artists.


A variety of events will take place at the convention, such as the customary cosplay event, the “AMAIDOL” singing competition, lectures, workshops, panels and more! Additional details coming soon!