The International Convention Center in Jerusalem is one of the biggest and leading convention centers is Israel. The ICC is a member of the ICCA and AIPC organizations, and meets their international standards.

The ICC is the house of 12,000 square meters of exhibit space, 27 halls and seminar rooms, an equipped business office and tens of meeting and resting spaces. The Center can hold up to 10,000 people in a single event, or a few events at the same time.

A part of the ICC is Israel’s bigger auditorium, Ussishkin Auditorium, which hosts concerts, shows, festivals and other events.

The ICC is located at the entrance to the city of Jerusalem, near the Government Complex in Giv`at Ram and the Central Bus Station.

Every year the ICC hosts tens of conventions, shows and international events, among which are the 1979 and 1999 Eurovision Song Contests and President Obama`s speech to Israeli students.


The ICC is located about 5 minutes by foot from the Central Bas Station. From the bus station, walk straight to Shazarst., right to an underground passage, left at the exit from it and up the staircase.

Please notice, all the listed buses arrive at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, which is located about 5 minutes by foot from the ICC.


  • Bus no. 947 (Egged, Central Bus Station)


  • Bus no. 960 (Egged, HaMifratzCentral Bus Station)
  • Bus no. 947, no. 940 (Egged, ChofHaCarmelCentral Bus Station)


  • Bus no. 26 (Egged, Biblical Zoo)
  • Bus no. 16, no. 17, no. 18, no. 31 (Egged, Malcha Mall)


  1. Bus no. 470 (Egged, Central Bus Station)


  • Bus no.448 (Egged, Central Bus Station)

Rishon le-Zion:

  1. Bus no. 431 (Egged, New Central Bus Station)
  2. Bus no. 433 (Egged, Old Central Bus Station)


  1. Bus no. 480 (Egged, Arlozorov Terminal)
  2. Bus no. 405 (Egged, Central Bus Station)

Ra`anana / Kfar-Saba:

  1. Bus no. 947 (Egged, Ra`anana Terminal)
  2. Bus no. 425 (Afikim, Ra`anana Terminal)

Via rout no. 1:

  1. From the city entrance: turn right at Shazarst. in the direction of the ICC.
  2. From Begin road: exit Kiryat Moshe, turn left from south or right from north.

Typing “ICC Jerusalem” in WAZE will bring you to the place.

The complex has 850 parking spaces with a fee which are divided between an underground and outdoor parkings.