Studio Colorido is a small studio which is known for their animated commercials and for their colorful and joyful animated shorts. We would like to thank Studio Colorido for their permission to screen two of their movies to the audience in CAMI 2015.

Yujiro Arai / Studio Colorido ©

Taifuu no Noruda

Year: 2015 Length: 27 minutes Director: Youjiro Arai Animation: Studio Colorido.

The film takes place on a certain isolated island, at a certain middle school, and on the eve of the culture festival. A boy quits baseball after playing his whole life and has a fight with his best friend. Then, they suddenly meet a mysterious, red-eyed girl named Noruda, and a huge typhoon hits the middle school.

About the director:
This is Yojiro Arai’s first job as a director. Until now he worked as an animator in Studio Ghibli and as an animation director in Studio Colorido. (His works in Studio Colorido include “Sunny boy and Dewdrop Girl”)

Sunny Boy & Dewdrop Girl

Year: 2013 Length: 18 minutes DirectorIshida Hiroyasu Animation: Studio Colorido.

Hinata is very good at drawing and falls in love with his classmate, Shigure; however, Hinata is not good at talking to people, so he keeps his feelings in his imagination and drawings. Then, Shigure’s family decides to move to another town. On the day of their move, Hinata says to himself, “I must tell her my feelings!” and starts to chase after the train which is taking Shigure away.

About the Director:

Ishida Hiroyasu is a student of Kyoto Seika University. He independently produces various animated shorts and posts them onto the internet.

In 2009, his two and a half minute short titled “Fumiko no Kokuhaku” (Fumiko’s Confession) garnered him attention internationally across the internet. He won the Japanese YouTube Video Award for his video which he produced at 21 years of age.

Ishida aspires to be a professional animator. He has been praised by director Hosoda Mamoru ([The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) and his work has been featured in Newtype magazine.

His YouTube Channel.

Ishida Hiroyasu / Studio Colorido ©

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