The Cosplay Event is the main event of the convention, in which you can enjoy the best costumes of the event on one big stage.

The event gives an opportunity for cosplayers to showcase their costumes in front of the attendants ad express themselves.

The Cosplay Event contains three parts:

  1. The Cosplay Competition – as the name suggests, a competition in which each person that crafted their costume, without professional help, can participate. The competitors are judged during the day of the convention and only the best get to showcase their costumes on the big stage. The competition contains 4 categories: Beginner Singles, Intermediate Singles, Couples and Casts.
  2. The Walk-on – in which cosplayers who wish to showcase their costumes, but couldn’t participate in the competition for various reasons.
  3. The Skits Competition – a skit is a short piece of stage-play, dance or song which are presented on the stage by cosplayers. All these enhance the “play” part of cosplay. Your skit can be anything – from a short parody to an upbeat sing that suits the character. The first places are awarded honor and worldwide glory!

Event Hours(1)

  • Main Hall

    16.30 - 19.00