The finals of the Amai’s idol competition – the “AmaIdol”, will take place in the convention. This singing competition – fourth in number – opens its gates to contestants these very days. In this contest, the participants (singles and groups alike) will showcase their singing, performance and enticing the crowd with performance of songs from Anime, Vocaloid, and more.

After the qualifiers, the competitors will be chosen by a “like” competition of their performance in the convention page – don’t miss it!

A magnificent grand final will take place in the convention, judged by Aviv Yanai, Aviya Dor-Kolen, Ofir Lotan and Lior Cohen.

Everyone is invited to cheer the contestants!

The hosts:

Gal Perry – Karaoke executive in Amai conventions since 2009, and the founder of the karaoke field in Israeli conventions in general. Currently studies performance in Rimon School of Music.

Gal’s YouTube channel

Guy Tamir – Karaoke executive in Amai conventions and a singing enthusiast. Currently studies performace in Rimon School of Music.

Guy’s YouTube channel

The Judges

Aviv Yanai – A senior judge and music producer of several musicals in the community, such as “Pandora”. In these days, he works on the musical “2D Musical”.

Avia dor-Kolen – A judge for the second time in the “AmaIdol” competition, as well as a talented musician and composer, which preformed on previous conferences.

Ofir Lotan – A new judge in the “AmaIdol” competition. A senior actor in many musicals run by the community (such as “R musical” and “Pandora”), and choreographer in the production of “2D musical”.

Lior Cohen – A senior Judge and the lead vocalist of the band “Saigan Complex”. A known singer in the Israeli and Japanese community that preformed in front of thousands in Japan.

Event Hours(1)

  • Main Hall

    11.00 - 13.00